I grew up in a politics and real estate family, but initially chose to make a career out of the former. Naturally, D.C. was the logical move after graduating from the College of Charleston (and as far North as a kid from South Carolina could handle). I was fortunate to be the first employee of a data intelligence company and one of the fastest growing companies in America. Fortunate enough to leverage that into an opportunity to represent a majority of the Fortune 500, major trade associations, and non-profit organizations as they attempted to navigate the federal government with one of the premier government affairs firms in the country.

However, politics and public policy left me wanting more for my future. I spent so much time around D.C. appreciating the architecture, admiring each neighborhood for its unique identity and characteristics; I decided it was time to follow my passion for the other “family business.” Dave was a great friend and mentor as I navigated the career transition and ultimately gave me the opportunity to help create this team. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it since.

Throughout my career, I’ve always categorized myself as a 'knowledge worker:’ my job is to think, solve problems, and connect with people in the process. There is a sense of passion within this team to provide a home, not simply a house. This team and this industry provide me with a platform to put that passion and skillset to work on a daily basis, providing a client service that I truly believe has an impact on how our clients will live life – not just have a roof over their heads.

Outside of work, I try to stay outside. Part of the beauty of D.C. is that I can go surfing, hunting or hiking, all in the same day if I wanted. I also love experiencing the city's ever-growing food scene. For any of my adventures, I usually have my Labrador, Huck, along for the ride.

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