What gives me the desire to continue helping my clients in the home search and listing process of homes? It’s been almost 20 years and I still have the drive of a new real estate agent in Washington, DC. Here’s why . . .

I am straight-forward and down to earth. I am curious about diversity and culture. I give my time to the beautification of Washington, DC – specifically the Park View neighborhood where I am a resident and member of the Adopt A Block Program and the Lower Georgia Avenue Main Street. I love animals. My partner, Kurt, and I recently adopted a bull dog. I enjoy gardening and plants; particularly, watching the growth and new life. Sunshine and running on a crisp day fill me with energy. Travel is my love. I have visited twenty four countries on five continents, to date. What does this have to do with my drive to help my clients?

A career in residential real estate showcases many of the fun aspects of life that I enjoy. I get to be who I really am. Being straight-forward and transparent is highly appreciated by my clients. I have a gentle nature, which is a pleasant and refreshing experience for my clients who want to feel guided, not pushed into their home decisions. I am afforded the chance to explore all neighborhoods of Washington DC, many in Maryland and Virginia as well.

I have an appreciation of the lifestyle of pet owners and gardeners and the space they require in and outside of a home. My long distance runs through the city have allowed me to explore streets and parks and to convey detailed information about the pluses and minuses of what different neighborhoods have to offer. Traveling opens my mind to creative ideas for renovations and unique ways to utilize of space. I hear the details of how my clients live and the vision they have for their future home; I get to help them make their vision a reality and it is rewarding to help others achieve their goals.

My real estate career began in the form of property management, which gave me an excellent foundation of knowledge for both investors as well as DC residents that are determining whether they want to rent or sell a current asset. These years in property management also fortified my knowledge of building systems and maintenance. I segued my real estate career into sales with local developer PN Hoffman and have been with the best in the business, TTR Sotheby’s, since 2012.

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