Real estate is my passion and something I have been involved with my entire life. Both sides of my family have been in the business since the early 1900s which makes the third generation of Burka real estate professionals. I don’t know anyone that knows the city and its suburbs better than me as I often spend my days and weekends exploring this incredible city. I pride myself on being super friendly and accepting of anyone I meet and making them feel comfortable, I guess you could say I am a people pleaser.

As a Libra, I take on many of the traits of my sign. I thrive on making things orderly and aesthetically pleasing and I excel in design and the overall experience one gets when entering spaces and places. I also have a strong sense of justice and I want to make sure everyone is heard, and I am passionate about making sure that things are balanced and fair. Libra's love being with and meeting new people, and I do too. As an extrovert, I rarely miss the opportunity for a fun adventure or night out with family and friends.

My family lived in Georgetown before moving to Bethesda, I attended Walt Whitman High School and then began my journey out west. Four years in gorgeous sunny Arizona for business school and then off to Los Angeles for the start of my career in the entertainment industry. I worked for Paramount Studios and Disney for many years before heading back to DC where I purchased my first house in AU Park. Renovating a 1933 original was a project and the home was transformed into an incredible cozy bachelor pad complete with my LA rescue dog Jane. Timing and great design proved to be lucrative, and I doubled my investment on the home.

After meeting my wife, we began our journey as a family and quickly outgrew our home, so we began our search for a house in a neighborhood to raise our family. We found a lot in the town of Chevy Chase just two blocks from downtown Bethesda and all of its incredible restaurants and conveniences.

Besides real estate I love cars and I have one of the largest Matchbox car collections around. Summers are spent going to the beach, playing tennis and golf, and enjoying the sunshine. Winters are ski trips and staying warm by my fireplace; I am still a lover of a wood-burning fireplace.

I am excited about my future in the residential real estate industry and look forward to meeting you soon.

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